The Platform organized by the Covenant Church under Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Christian Covenant Centre, has become an avenue for disseminating half truths, misinformation and propaganda in the name of enlightenment. Such a dangerous trend must not go unchallenged, as gullible Nigerians have come to see any speech delivered on the platform as gospel truth or Quran decreed. The founder says that “The Platform Nigeria simply has the prophetic function of preservation.”

This is in line with the proliferation of false prophets and fake miracles in Nigeria. There are no question and answer sessions after the “scholarly” presentations. Why bother? Once it emanates from the Platform it is unquestionable. The Platform if not checked, will cause Nigeria more harm than good. Demagogic politicians will exploit the platform to propel themselves into office.

Recently a speaker on The Platform compared Italy as a geographical expression prior to unification, with Nigeria. He was alluding to Awo’s description of Nigeria as a geographical expression. This is a fallacy of false equivalence. The Italians are Catholic, speak Italian and do not have Muslims killing Christians at will. Despite all the affinities, Italy was united by a series of bloody wars. Nigeria has 371 tribes and languages, has a large Muslim population and no leader interested in uniting the country. There is no nation in the world where large numbers of Muslims and Christians coexist peacefully. Nigeria’s fake unity exists for exploitative purposes of the masses by the cabals.




Nigeria’s Vice President should have resigned his position as his boss continually violates the constitution. That is the speech, he should be making at The Platform and not Dino Melaye jokes. Has the Vice President publicly expressed displeasure with the Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria? How are one watch and two shoes, models for economic development? Most Pentecostal Churches are owned by Yorubas but one Yoruba speaker is a member of an Igbo Pentecostal Church. Who is he trying to fool?


No Platform speaker has advocated that oil blocks given to individuals by Nigerian Presidents and Military Dictators be returned to the Nigeria. The ill-gotten proceeds should also be returned to the Nigerian Treasury. No speaker has advocated that the President should be impeached for violating the constitution. No speaker has canvassed for the abolition of the security vote. No speaker has recommended that fortunes made with state patronage should revert to the Nigerian Treasury. No speaker has advocated for the creation of a special task force to hunt and eliminate murderous Fulani herdsmen.



Nigeria needs a revolution and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has started it. Nigeria, made up of primordial and gullible African tribes that will never be united until church is separated from state, place of origin expunged from documents, zoning discarded, and merit enthroned. Federal character is an euphemism for enthroning incompetence, ineptitude, and corruption. These are lofty unachievable goals as the feudal Hausa-Fulani North controlled by atavistic and anachronistic Emirs, will never agree to a change of the status quo unless a Nationalistic leader willing to use force emerges.

Why hasn’t Dr. Ibe Kachikwu and Prof. Isaac Adewole resigned their positions? What are the South East Legislators doing in Abuja where they have no input into the deliberations? When will Nigerians start choosing honor over money? Has any speaker denounced Buhari’s regime for corruption?


Africastallestman believes that The Platform is fast becoming a comedy club, an avenue to launch political careers, and a venue for self aggrandizement.

3 thoughts on “DANGEROUS PLATFORM.

  1. I have long believed that the main problem we face in Nigeria is not politicians or tribalism, but religion itself.

    1. You are absolutely right. Religionists will choose their religion over Nigeria. There is no other country in the world that emphasizes unity as Nigeria. Reason: There is no unity. You cannot talk, paint, print, or sculpture a country into unity. Unity manifests itself in actions, policies, and dispensation of equity, fairness, and justice by the government.

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