Nigeria is governed by a network of cabals. There is a sprinkling in every state but the head cabal is Hausa-Fulani, headquartered in Kaduna and euphemistically called the Kaduna Mafia. There are Igbo, Yoruba, Tiv, Ibibio, Ijaw, and Kanuri branches of the cabal. Less powerful members are Bokobaru, Kanbari, Zuru, Edo, Nupe, Gbagyi, Igala, Kane, Idoma, Berom, Efik, Jukunoid, Tarok, Jibu, Somyev, and Mumuye.

Each powerful member of the cabal has an oil block or has access to the money generated by oil. Others have lucrative, no bid contracts or have exclusive licenses to import essential commodities. Some have bought National treasures at giveaway prizes in the name of privatization. All members preach, sleep, and eat Nigerian unity.

Nigerian unity ensures that a member of the cabal 700 miles or 1100 kilometers away from an oil field, has an exclusive license to drill the oil and dump the pollution, on those who have the oil in their backyards. Nigerian unity means that the cabal is united in raping the nation of its wealth, while the rest of Nigerians are united in abject penury. Nigerian unity means that an army of Kanuris can be sent to Ijaw land, to squelch any dissent and an Hausa-Fulani brigade sent to Yoruba land to silence critics. Nigerian unity means that anyone who objects to the present scheme of things, is a disuniter or traitor. A charge of treasonable felony is in order.

One commentator remarked that the military having made the mistake of introducing a unitary federal system, are too ashamed or arrogant to admit their mistakes. What arrant nonsense! The military benefited immensely from the contrived unity. How many military generals and colonels are living the lives of billionaires in gold plated hilltop mansions? How many have fleets of bulletproof limousines and jet aircrafts? Is any of their children or grandchildren studying in Nigeria? Only in Nigeria will persons publicly declare that they do not know what to do with “their” money. Is it your money? A restructuring or dismemberment of Nigeria into viable economic entities, will turn off the unearned monetary spigot, for these rapers of the economy and society.

Every person preaching and warning about the perils of a restructuring or referendum is a member of this cabal. To them, driving Roll Royces on water logged, pothole-riddled roads is a better experience than driving a Nissan or Chrysler on a carpet-like road. They are united in their misanthropic selfishness and do not give a hoot to the populace united in penury.

A little disunity will upset the cabalologists and may set Nigeria on the part to greatness.

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