Everyone knows that Boko Haram abhors western education. The notorious religious gangsters will kidnap school children, burn schools, and cook suya with textbooks. Boko Haram is adept at using school age children to commit mass murder.  If these children and teenagers are in classes, there will be a shortage of suicide bombers. If they cannot use school children as cannon fodder, why not have their Fulani collaborators disrupt classes with cows? Are Fulani cows, the new Boko Haram?

The murderous sect alarmed that children and teenagers are still going to school in Southern Nigeria has found a way to spread the misery all over the country. After a meeting in the Sambisa forest, they decided to enlist Fulani herdsmen as disrupters of western education in Southern Nigeria. The Fulani herdsmen know the locations of all the schools in Southern Nigeria.

The plan is, avoid their known routes and now create new routes that would traverse all primary and secondary schools in Southern Nigeria from Enugu to Edo State.
Fulani herdsmen are now marching their cows through school premises while pupils are being instructed. All school activities are halted as these Fulani (“Boko Haram”) cows disrupt western education. The potential for conflict and loss of human lives is great. Who would want school activities disrupted by non-fee paying cows? These cows actually sit in the classrooms to ensure that their disruption of western education is complete.

The video shows cows stampeding through a school as the pupils run for their lives. An 80-pound youngster is no match for a 700-pound cow with humongous horns. These cows, goats, and sheep scare the pupils and students away. The presence of the Fulani herdsmen with AK-47s following behind their cows further traumatized the children. As the traumatized pupils run for safety, the cows deface their buildings and premises with cow dung, fleas, and ticks.


Pupils vacating their classrooms as it is the cows’ turn for lessons.


Cows undergoing instruction in a classroom.


Another group of cow-pupils in a different classroom.

The effect of repeated encroachment on school facilities by these “Boko Haram” cows may leave lasting physical and psychological effects on the children. This menace must be arrested before serious injuries are recorded as a result of avoidable man-beast interactions.

What Boko Haram accomplished in the North with western guns, western explosives, and knives, is being accomplished in the South with Fulani cows. When will the indifferent Southern state legislators pass laws outlawing rearing of cows in schools and farmlands? Children, and not cows need to be educated. An educated cow may cause more mayhem than Boko Haram militants. I am curious why Boko Haram wants cows in schools but not humans.

Africastallestman is watching the development with keen interest.

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