The National Peace Committee headed by a Former Military Dictator, General Abdulsalami Abubakar was formed in 2015 to solve Nigeria’s crisis. The Committee was hibernating until recently. Suddenly, the Chairman issued a statement diagnosing Nigeria’s problems but provided no solutions. This is another exercise in futility to hoodwink the people.


Yet another committee,
Dubbed Peace Committee.
A nation obsessed with committees.
Will commit but will never,
Implement the recommendations of any committee.
Soon there will be a committee to form a committee.

These committees are usually composed of the same characters,
That caused the problem.
Instead of mea culpas and atonement,
Instead of removing the specks in the eyes of committee members.
The committees go on a witch hunt,
Looking for scapegoats, or logs to fell.

As usual, committees hold interest group meetings before meetings,
And issue findings before any public meeting:
Nigeria’s problems are hate speech and bad politicians.
What hate speech made Fulani herdsmen,
Leave Mali and Senegal,
To kill Christians and farmers in Plateau, Kaduna, Benue, Delta, Edo, and Enugu States?

Such hate speech must be in Hausa or Fulfulde languages,
And not on the internet or mass media.
When your wife, daughter, or mother is raped and dismembered,
Do you respond with flowery, praise speech?
Or do you curse and wish evil on the perpetrators?
How and where is one dead cow worth 200 human lives?

These slaughtering of humans,
Has increased and migrated southwards towards the Atlantic.
Did the election of a Fulani President,
Embolden the Fulani herdsmen?
A condemnation by the President,
Would be more effective than 1000 committees.

Events in Nigeria are only possible in a zoo.
Animals reign supreme in the zoo,
Demarcated by barriers and enclosures.
Any human intrusion into the enclosure,
Is met by extinction by occupants of the zoo.
Is Nigeria, a zoo?

Welcome to Nigeria, a big zoo.
Where the Lords of the zoo,
Will eliminate any human intrusion,
Into their enclosure or grazing areas.
The solution is to separate the animals from the humans,
And enclose the animals in a zoo with barriers.

Call it ranching, restructuring or rezoning of the entire country,
It prevents animals from interacting with humans.
Hitherto, animals are roaming all over the land,
Turning the entire country into a big zoo.
Animals should not take precedence over humans,
Except in a zoo.

No more committees,
No more apportionment of blame,
No more hate speeches that beget hate speeches.
The time for a referendum is now.
A referendum on the 2014 National Confab.
A referendum on self-determination for Indigenous People.


  1. You didn’t get the joke! Committees are audacious platforms for sharing public funds with the pretext of legitimacy. Committees must be “mobilized” with “mobilization funds”

  2. Nigeria and Africa has a whole is synonymous with procrastination. Issues are never addressed until they spin out of control. These people who form and are part of these committes know the problems and know the solutions. However, solving these issues is detrimental to their main agenda which is financial gain.

  3. Share the money is their slogan.. selling their birth rights for a piece of sad!!

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