Nnamdi Kanu Responds To British High Commissioner, Mr Paul Arkwright’s Call For Nigerian Unity.

Nnamdi Kanu Responds To British High Commissioner, Mr Paul Arkwright’s Call For Nigerian Unity.

I was a avid supporter of one Nigeria. I demonstrated in London and pleaded with our creator, Britain, to restrain some of her unruly children from killing her other children. Britain seemed to, either be enjoying the carnage wrought upon Christians, “Unbeleivers,” and Farmers by her favorite children, the Hausa-Fulani, or be benefiting from it, or both. Why should the British care about savages savaging each other? Well, the majority of the people of Nigeria are not savages but are being savaged by Hausa-Fulani people, aided by foreign Fulani herdsmen from Senegal and Mail. One wonders if there are no Christians, farmers, and unbelievers for these Fulani murderers to kill in Senegal and Mali? My guess is that the French would not tolerate such nonsense.

You recently went to the Kwara State House of Assembly Leadership sitting in Ilorin to canvass support for Nigerian Unity. We are also urging you to go to Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, and Ebonyi States Houses of Assembly, and convince them to continue providing sacrificial human rams to be sacrificed by the Fulani.

As Chidiogo, the famous philosopher puts it, “If you cannot fix it, leave it.” Since you refused to fix your creation, Nigeria, the oppressed people have decided to leave it.

Britain loves unity so much that she exited the European Union. Why is Britain obsessed with the unity of disparate peoples in Nigeria? She must be gaining financially and politically from the forced unity in Nigeria. Do the British people enjoy killing of innocent people by savages?

If Britain meets the following conditions, we would drop our demand for a referendum in Nigeria:

1. Britain rejoins the European Union.
2. Britain returns all the loot from Nigeria in her possession – money, artifacts, real estate, etc.
3. Britain restrains her favorite Hausa-Fulani people from slaughtering non Hausa-Fulani Nigerians.
4. Britain guarantees the safety of non Hausa-Fulani people in Nigeria.
5. Britain facilitates the restructuring of Nigeria into a full fledged Federation and discard the present unitary government.
6. Britain pays for a credible census in Nigeria to be conducted by the United Nations.

The Oppressed People of Nigeria.

4 thoughts on “Nnamdi Kanu Responds To British High Commissioner, Mr Paul Arkwright’s Call For Nigerian Unity.

  1. You cannot call for unity without first addressing the issues causing the discord. As a result of the confab of 2014, solutions have already been offerd to quell the unrest. Why these solutions have not been implemented is beyond me.

  2. One has to be almost stupid to believe that Britain loves any black man. If Britain tells you to go north, please for the sake of your life as a black man, head south.

  3. When has Britain become interested in what is happening in Nigeria? If I may ask, Britain where is Buhari? What is our aircraft still doing in your airport? What about the looting of all the money stashed in your banks? The other treasures nko? He who lives in a glass house should not cast the first stone. Now Britain is talking, all the peoples cry and suffering did not bother you, it’s just Nigerian unity you want abi? To hell with this type of unity!!!

  4. In Animal kingdom, they rebelled against their Masters and fought for their freedom whereas human beings cannot…so sad!

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