Worse than armed bandits

Soul-less, shameless, and slimy.

Would kill for money

Would lie for money

Would disown parents for money.

Worse than scumbags

Worse than scoundrels

Worse than slime.

Lacking in integrity

Lacking in morality

Lacking in soul.

Lower than slugs

Lower than scoundrels

Lower than sycophants.

A curse to humanity

A curse to any nation

A curse to themselves.

The nine legislators

From Imo State, Nigeria

Who defected to prop up

Supreme Court appointed

Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

Hopelessness, disguised as Hope

Shall all be immediately

Recalled by their Constituents.

They have no honor, morality, or soul.

*Polithefians©️ – One who goes into politics to steal public funds.


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