No interpretation needed
Amotekun in any language,
Does not signify warmth.
In Ebonics, it means
“A mo take you, or
You are under arrest.”
In English, it means
“Ammo (ammunition)
Will take care of you.”
In Russian, it means
“Stop and desist forthwith.”
In Igbo, it means
“Beware of disappearing
Male genitalia.”
Amotekun inspires fear
In any language.

Who wouldn’t panic
When faced with Amotekun?
Why not name the
South West Vigilante Services
Orishirishi, Ori Oda, or Kpele?
The Cabal is right to be
Alarmed and petrified.
Amotekun as in leopard
Is a sleek, sneaky, athletic, and
Skilled vigilante service that will feast,
On Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen
Currently terrorizing the South West.
Welcome Amotekun!
Bye bye Fulani Terrorists.
Outlaw South West Amotekun,
Outlaw Sharia Hisbah Police.

Vigilante Services (Hisbah Police) are only legal in the 12 Sharia States of Northern Nigeria. Vigilante Services are terrorist organizations in the rest of Nigeria – Alhaji Abubakar Malami (Nigeria’s Islamic Attorney General).

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