Fifty two years after the assassination of
Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee,
Blacks are still dreaming about
Dignity, equality, and racial justice.
Martin Luther King asked for dreams
And Whites gave him unending dreams.
Had MLK asked for something tangible,
He would have gotten something tangible.
Tangible measures of racial progress.

Dreams of ending lynching, replaced by
Police execution of Blacks and Minorities.
Dreams of ending housing discrimination,
Replaced by loan discrimination and red lining.
Dreams of happiness, liberty, and freedom,
Replaced by police brutality and free jail housing.
Dreams of equal pay for equal work,
Replaced by increasingly income disparity,
And more pernicious racial injustice.

Do you blame Whites?
To hell, No, MLK asked for dreams and
Whites obliged and gave Blacks
Unending dreams, you cease dreaming
When you are incinerated or buried.
Blacks must re-strategize and ask for
Measurable benchmarks of dignity,
Equality, and racial justice, to
End the unending dreams of MLK.

One thought on “MLK’S UNENDING DREAMS.

  1. Tangible or intangible DREAM, racism has been shown (Barbra Trepagnier, Silent Racism 2010), to be permanently the cultural make-up of all whites, even well-meaning whites, may pretend to be color -blind, which in the end, is a form of racism. In order words…Whites will always see themselves as on a higher grounds in this world. However,thank you for your insight on the nature of his dream. I listened to it again carefully, as a way of understanding the societal influence of that unique dream. The election of President Obama, well, was a sign of a dream flowering in some truth. The fact remains that people like President Clinton, who blacks unreasonably perceive as being on their side of the spectrum, could open his mouth, and shamefacedly, tell Senator Edward Kennedy, after Obam’s election, and I quote “He will make us coffee”, I ask what in the living world does that statement mean? If not that we blacks will remain drawers of water and hewers of wood for the white person in history.

    What dream, tangible or not, will erase that ideology,of superiority, from the white mind? None, not in the foreseeable future sir. Blacks are fervently praying world-over, for night and day for MANA to fall from heaven, like the case of Jews, in the desert, for forty years after they left Egypt. The coming to be recognized as dream as such, will probably manifest and show it’s face, when they pay compensation to S.W.Africans, for the decimation of the Herero and Nam, to the Congo for the dehumanization and abject merciless slaughter of children, women and men, in the name of Belgium, again, probably reparation for general slavery, and massacres in Meridian Mississippi, or Harper’s Ferry,and innumerable places in the planet. What dreams can accomplish that magnitude of human justice. Nevertheless, we need all forms of dreams as blacks to help us move forward if any. Our dreams may come true, when we, (BLACKS), understand the falsity and stupidity of Black on Black hatred, reverberating daily in the American cities.I tell you a story:when returning American blacks met the native Liberians , the explosion ended in total chaos, in which many natives lost their lives. So abroad or at home blacks appears to be symbol of man’s inhumanity to his kind. What shall I say. That attitude to ourselves too, needs to be dreamed about, probably, this time by Franz Fanon, who called us the wretched of the earth. Or this time around, by Leopold Senghor, who declared:Passion is to black as reason is to white, in his idea, of Negritude. Or again, our Ojukwu in his status asked the Igbos to return to the Northern Nigeria, where they were massacred in droves, and were eventually re-massacred the more… that too is the nature of black dream for our lasting salvation as Africans in this immeasurable, and indifferent planet.

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