M – Mendicant
B – Begging and
A – Auguring
K – Known
A – Actions

Preaches in God’s name during the day, and
Prostrates before Polithefians during the night.
Fake Prophet, Greatest Charlatan, and conveyor of political decisions.
Prophesies daily sunrises and sunsets, as he readily
Prophesies political decisions with the certainty of “god.”
An Mbaka prophecy is not a prophecy but a press release!

Prophesied the winner of the rigged 2019 Presidential Election, as he
Prophesied the premeditated removal of Emeka Ihedioha and
Enthronement of another religious Charlatan, Hope Uzodinma.
Mbaka’s prophesies are trial balloons, meant to gauge the
Acceptability of heinous decisions, made in the smoke and
Gworo*-filled rooms of the avaricious CABAL micromanaging Nigeria.

Adored by gullible, depraved, and miracle-seeking throngs
At his “Adulteration Grounds” where miracles are auctionable.
Make a political decision, pay Mbaka or promise Mbaka a hospital, and
Charlatan Mbaka will announce your decision as a prophecy.
How long will Nigerians endure the Mbaka charade of prophecies?
Catholic Church, immediately sanction and disrobe this Charlatan.

*Gworo – Kola nut.

2 thoughts on “MBAKA

  1. I am not sure, but I was told that Hope had more votes that Emeka, after all, The Supreme Court Declared Hope as such as the rightful winner. I keep digging into it.

    1. Yes, the Supreme Sharia Court of Nigeria declared Hope winner by manufacturing votes. Keep digging until the hole is too big for you to escape from😀
      PS. Who “tolded” you?

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