Almighty, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-compassionate, and all-loving God; the God of equity, the God of kindness, the God of fairness, and the God of reciprocity, the God of Britain and her former colonies and colonized peoples.
We come before you with all humbleness and tinged with a sense of justice, and implore you to do to Britain what Britain did to her former colonies.

Our prayers are:
God, may Britain be flooded with strangers from other countries as Britain flooded her former colonies with Asians, British, and other Nationalities.
God, may British people be sold into slavery to toil, and till African soils.
God, may Britain be flooded by Islamists from Turkey* who shall convert the British to Islam as the British flooded Nigeria with Fulani Jihadists hell bent on Islamizing Nigeria.
God, may Britain become a cesspool of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and religionism as former British colonies are.
God, may Britain produce such exceptional leaders as Field Marshall Idi Amin of Uganda and Major General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.
God, may the British tribes – English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh engage in internecine warfare that would make tribal conflicts in the old British Empire child’s play.
God, may the British cessation from the European Union – Brexit – be followed by “Irixit,” “Scottexit,” and “Welshit” as Britain disintegrates.
Finally, God, may the British Monarchy in whose name Britain perpetrated and continues to perpetrate her atrocities in the world, quietly dissolve into commoners, never to resurrect again.

All these favors, we the oppressed, raped, and vilified recipients of British colonialism, ask through your son, Jesus Christ.

*Current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is of Turkish descent.

2 thoughts on “PRAYER FOR BRITAIN

  1. A bold step into the historicity and historiography of mankind. Friend, It appears that two categories will always reign in human affairs and existence:Viz Who commands and Who obeys. The people,( in one author’s thought, asserts that, in every society world over, civilized or not), have this unquenchable desire for the leader who must connect them to register their erstwhile lives with the ideology of immortality. The death erasers. This personages,(chiefs, kings and others in their lives,strengthen their uncanny desires to defy death, and keep them on the side of a stronger , mightier leader…King, President, Chief, etc, into whom they throw in their towel of existence and be happy and believe themselves as winners of Death, through the person of the kingdom or the royal realm. In this interpretation, I contend that this inner unflinching natural desire of peoples, sustain the British royalty and their long exploitation of mankind, From Australia, India, Africa, Canada and America, and so on. They the (ENGLISH PEOPLES) at one point asserted that they are the real chosen people, not the JEWS. Think about the Anglo Saxons in world history, and see the other side of their protruding eyes for sucking the blood of the weak of the world. They must of necessity Command and the rest of the world must Obey.QED. I will desperately seek to interpret the exit of Prince Harry and Meagan, and the couple’s quest to become commoners. That is an important move in world history. Thank you.

  2. May Almighty God, visit us all with His mercies as, He delivers those who needs His deliverance. May He put their enemies to shame so, they may know that only God Has the final say and not man In Jesus Mighty Name

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