Minimize me, ignore me,
and denigrate me.
Why all the hate?
Why all the snobbery?
You did not create me,
so you’ll not extinguish me.
I am, am.

Your God made me be.
Only your God can make
me disappear.
I was made for a purpose.
A purpose unbeknownst to you.
I am here to stay and thrive.
I am, am.

Now, you cannot wish
me away, not legislate
me away, can we join
hands and finish
the task ahead of us,
because we are all human.
I am, am.

2 thoughts on “I AM, AM.

  1. Well said. This insight, is applicable universally, from family to United Nations. It is harder for detractors to understand, because, they as individuals, or as nations do not live both latitudinal and longitudinal forms of relatedness to creation.

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