His gait is unsteady, so unsteady that humans anchor him as puppeteers anchor puppets. However, there are no speech puppeteers to anchor his blabbing incoherent, ba la blu blu blu bu la ba. Why would such a senile dotard who is mentally and physically handicapped seek to run a young and vibrant country unless the country is inhabited by genetically docile, gullible, compromisable, and malleable citizens who love demagogues and demagoguery?

Think again, doesn’t a shameless society deserve to be led by shameless, senile, and scamming dotards because you can only retrieve a rotting fish by severing the rotting head, or the rot shall engulf and destroy the whole fish. A countrywide problem has no solution if the country with the problem does not acknowledge the problem. You cannot solve poverty and inequality when the benefactors of poverty and inequality are hailed as progressive humanists by the victims of poverty and inequality.

Shame starts at the individual level and extends to the societal level. A shameless country will always be led by shameless Polithiefians. Shameless citizens on the sidelines are cheering the incumbent Polithiefians and clamoring to replace them. If not, how do you explain a shameless, senile, and scamming dotard, shamelessly insisting on leading a country of young vibrant youth? The human puppeteers currently propping up shameless Polithiefians cannot prop demented brains as dementia is progressive!

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