When Lukashenko stole the mandate of the Belarusian people, America sided with the Belarusians.
When Buhari stole the mandate of the Nigerian people, America congratulated Buhari for stealing the mandate of Nigerians.
Buhari has installed Tinubu, a drug baron with so many unknowns as the next President of Nigeria.

America, if you are serious about democracy in Africa, use your back channels to cancel this illegitimate “erection” of Tinubu.
America, does your war on drugs extend to Africa, if it does why is America congratulating a drug baron as President-elect of Nigeria?
America, show balance, what is good for White Belarusians is also good for Black Nigerians, or is it?

America, forget the legal process as there is none in Nigeria and America knows it.
If the US Supreme Court can subvert the will of the majority of Americans, imagine the scenario in Nigeria.
The Supreme Sharia Court of Nigeria just ruled that a candidate who did not contest an election won the election.

Tinubu could have won the Presidential Election without contesting and the Supreme Sharia Court of Nigeria would have declared him the winner.
Tinubu by going through the formalities of an illegitimate election can never be removed by any Nigerian court.
President Biden, do you want another refugee crisis worse than Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, and Somalia combined?

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