Professor Lumumba posits that Africans have managed diversity very well. Africastallestman disagrees with his position. The energy spent in managing diversity could have been used in innovation, inventions, and industrialization. Aggregating incongruent tribes and religions in a nation is a sure recipe for disaster.

In Nigeria and Rwanda, minority tribes are managing the majority tribes, an arrangement facilitated by Europeans. This type of arrangement always ends in conflict as the minority strives to exclude the majority from any position of authority to perpetuate their stranglehold on power.

Has Prof. Lumumba thought that the Europeans are far ahead because they have separated oil from water?
In Spain, the Catalonians have a high degree of autonomy.
Do the Hutus have autonomy in Rwanda or the Luos have autonomy in Kenya? In Kenya, the majority Kikuyus have grabbed power and will not share.
Power grabbing either by a minority or majority tribe is always inimical to societal growth and development.

Having the goats live with yams to promote diversity will only result in the goats “murdering” the yams.

The so-called diversity of African nations is causing strifes, creating adverse economic conditions, promoting conflicts, retarding innovation, and curtailing industriousness. Efforts spent on managing diversity could be diverted to development.

More destabilizing is the aggregation of dissimilar religions especially those with Jihadist intents, with more peaceful religions. The result is unending mayhem and strife.
Islam does not coexist with other religions when the Islamists constitute a sizable proportion of the population.
When the Islamists are in the majority, every other faith is subdued, and Sharia becomes law.

Is Sharia the law in any European country? European Renaissance was possible because Christianity was separated from the state.
Meanwhile, Islamists were making the state house indistinguishable from the “mosque.”

The African problems are inferiority complex, unbridled innate personal greed, extreme obsequiousness to foreigners, and a short planning horizon. Currently, the Chinese have replaced the Europeans as Africa’s newest colonial masters.
Is it possible that Africans love to be enslaved?

The Europeans discovered “Africa” and used Africa to develop Europe. Africans discovering “Europe” would have kept it a secret and used Europe to enrich themselves.
African Traditional Doctors die with their secrets while European Traditional Doctors published their secrets to improve the health of the world.

Assuming the Europeans roped the goats and yams into one barn or country to “divide and rule,” why have Africans continued to keep the goats and yams in the same barn? Is it not time to separate the goats and yams, so the goats and yams can meet by mutual arrangements? The dealings between the goats and yams become a trade and not murder.

If Europe could “undiversify” to release innovation, growth potential, and increase harmony, Africans must exit the artificial diversity created by Europe and foisted on African nations to become civilized and developed.

Prof. Lumumba, Africans and Africa cannot develop under the present artificial countries created by Europe to facilitate post-colonial exploitation.
Africa needs more Biafras and Ambazonias to release her potentials.
The great scientific strides made by a blockaded Biafra have not been replicated by an unencumbered Nigeria because of unnatural diversity created by the Europeans.

Africastallestman posits that the African problem may be genetic and thus can only be cured by mutation – time-based – or by genetic engineering.


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