A leopard cannot change its spots. His article as usual is an exercise in BLD – Bombastic Linguistic Diarrhea.

His scathing attack on Biafrans coming from a man who bagged an ill-deserved Nobel Prize on the blood of Biafrans, is pure ingratitude at its worst manifestation.

His “The Man Died” was a pretentious exercise to ingratiate himself with the Nobel Committee and was not an empathic outflow of remonstration against Genocide.

Wole Soyinka remains an ethnic jingoist and irredentist, whose political views are colored by tribe and personal gain.

A video recording by Major Al Mustapha details the bribes collected by Yorubas to discard the idea of an Abiola Presidency.

Abiola was a business success created and used by the military to destabilize Nigeria. His “sanctimoniousness” and sharp business practices earned him the soubriquet, ITT – International Thief Thief. Abiola was Chairman of International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), Nig. Ltd.

The military knew that Abiola would have turned Nigeria into a messier cesspool of corruption than the existing cesspool created by them. They had to silence him forever.

Thieves are united whilst thieving but the sharing of the loot may become discontentedly bloody and riotous.

Africastallestman does not believe in zoning, quota, rotation, or other nonsensical euphemisms for power grabbing. However, in the Nigerian context, leadership from other parts of the country has failed to move the country forward. Maybe, those areas do not have the leadership gene in their makeup – just a conjecture.

Conjecture or not, isn’t it time we install an Igbo President? Igbos are the most liberal, altruistic, and cosmopolitan tribe in Nigeria and maybe the world. They have their issues, but nepotism, tribalism, and inequity are un-Igbo.

As the Igbos have repeatedly proven, whether in politics or religion, the journey for nation building will begin in earnest, when all the other Nigerian tribes put National interests above tribal and parochial interests. If this is not achievable the dismantling of the political gossamer, woven by once Great Britain may release the potentials inherent in the component parts of Nigeria.

Your open and vociferous support for Buhari in his first term consequent on Yorubas being the supporting cast, shows your inability to read the political tea leaves. Any erudite person could have foretold the disastrous Buhari incursion into the Presidency except you. Were your endorsements colored by sheer political ineptitude or tribal affinity? I put my bet on the latter.

Is your newly acquired indifference and taciturnity to the failings of the Buhari Administration because, Tinubu another Yoruba, is the anointed heir apparent to the Nigerian Presidential Throne? Throne, yes, as Nigerian Presidents have proven to be more powerful than medieval European Emperors.

Despite the failings of “Fulanocracy” and Islamization, you have not been as outspoken in your condemnation of Buhari as you were in your endorsement. Giving a pass mark to the most corrupt Administration in Nigeria’s history, smacks of unctuousness.

Prof. Wole Soyinka, restrict yourself to literature. Your mastery of the English vocabulary never ceases to amaze Africastallestman. Africastallestman liberally steals from you. Please retire from politics and stop making a fool of yourself.


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