Prof. Lumumba is saying the same things he has been saying forever. How do you make African leaders change — he has no clue. How do you make African citizens change — he has no clue.

Has Prof. Lumumba heard of the Asian Tigers, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, the Magna Carta, Chinese Modernization….?

Religion is a drag on African Development. Religion and poverty are positively correlated. Resources meant for development are siphoned off by Religious Charlatans. Houses of worship are monuments to boost the personal egos of these Charlatans and do not  promote the economic or social development of their communities. Next, will Lumumba speak at an African Voodoo Shrine?

Has Lumumba ever uttered the word Revolution — No.
Revolution does not imply bloodletting. What Mandela did to prevent bloodletting in South Africa was revolutionary.

Mugabe may be a good guerrilla fighter but he was a very bad leader. He handed over modern industrial farms to peasants. Mugabe could have established Agricultural Universites to train Blacks. Blacks with government loans will buy the operations of the White farms less the land. Yes, the land is indigenous. This is just one example, there are many.

Mandela averted internecine killings of Black South Africans by Black South Africans by going for a rainbow nation. Mr. Buthelezi was ready to set Zulus against the other Blacks after the White Separationists were pacified.
Now, the same rainbow nation is killing “rainbow” foreign Africans. The same ‘foreign’ Africans that liberated Black South Africans from Apartheid!

Has Lumumba condemned any African Dictator — NO.
We cannot keep blaming others for our genetic problems.

Cuba with all the embargoes and sanctions is first world in health care. Cuba has no natural resources. Is Africa first world in anything?
Yes, corruption, stealing, jungle injustice, dearth of infrastructure, terrorism, and HOMICIDES.

Are you telling me that Africa with all its natural resources is being manipulated in 2022 by foreigners.
Maybe, Africa needs foreign leaders — Recolonization.
Or Africans need genetic Re-engineering!

African problems are genetic and Prof. Patrice Lumumba is part of it.

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