Always dressed as a prisoner.
Is Prof. Lumumba, a prisoner
of African Dictators?
Obviously loves dictatorships
and is enamored with Dictators.

Museveni and Kagame are his role models.
What of Botswana, Cabo Verde,
Namibia, and Mozambique?
Model democracies without
brutal dictatorial Leaders.

Museveni is brutalizing and killing
Opposition MPs and protestors.
He is using his guerrilla army
turned regular army in Idi Amin
fashion to brutalize Ugandans.

Kagame is stifling dissent and
is accused of killing a dissenter
in faraway South Africa.
Elections are rigged and only
Tutsis can be President of Rwanda.

Come on, Prof. Lumumba.
Is murder, the only way to
ensure good governance in Africa?
Murderous Dictators are omnipotent,
and have no succession plans.

They plunge their nations into
cataclysmic orgies of killing
and disintegration on their demise.
Did I hear Yugoslavia?
Prof., are you listening?

Prof., you have to condemn these
murderous Misanthropes or shut up.
Where is Prof. Lumumba, “When you
Condone Injustice, Injustice will
Condemn and Consume you” – Chidiogo.

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