Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are not raping
Their victims for sexual gratification.
The Hausas were raped to produce Hausa-Fulanis.
They are raping to produce hybrid tribes,
Sympathetic to the Fulanis and Islam.
These hybrid tribes as proven by Hausa-Fulanis, are
Lackeys and foot soldiers for the Fulani Jihadist Hegemonists.
Armed with AK-47s, with the acquiescence of the
Buhari Fulani-controlled APC Government,
The future is bleak for non-Fulanis in Nigeria.
Are Nigerians this cowardly?

Raping, Yorubas will produce Yoruba-Fulanis.
Tivs will produce Tiv-Fulanis.
Beroms will produce Berom-Fulanis.
Mumuyes will produce Mumuye-Fulanis.
Igbos will produce Igbo-Fulanis.
Gwaris will produce Gwari-Fulanis.
Urhobos will produce Urhobo-Fulanis.
Adaras will produce Adara-Fulanis.
Igalas will produce Igala-Fulanis.
And so on, until there are
370 Other-Fulani tribes.

Christians, especially targeted because of
Their pro-life anti-abortion stance.
All conceptions of Fulani rape must be aborted.
Deliver Fulani babies, live to regret your decision.
Fulanis intent on overrunning Nigeria,
Unless Nigerians forcefully reject Fulanization,
As their forebears fought the Fulani Jihadists.
If not, the Fulanization, Islamization, and Emiratization of
Nigeria will be a fait accompli with British acquiescence.
The Fulani Plan must be vehemently resisted.
The time for action was yesterday!

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