Are they supposed to unify old classmates for a common cause, or
Are they proposed to unravel the subterranean disunity of old?

Are they media where the “successful” strut their stuff, and
The failures stroke the egos of the successful, and mourn their own misfortunes?

Nothing beats prosperity than spreading prosperity, especially
Amongst old classmates, friends, well-wishers, relatives, and strangers.

Prosperity may be money, knowledge, wisdom, cheerfulness, or optimism.
Prosperity may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or success.

Fora are meant for the exchange and discussion of ideas, and
Not the exchange of petty jealousies and fanning of hatred.

If you cannot discuss it in the open forum to benefit everyone,
Do not discuss it in your private side fora to massage petty egos.

Are the Professors supposed to pontificate their professions, or
Use their professions to propagate their academic prudishness?

If not, why would Professors not contribute to academic debate?
Aren’t Professors always supposed to profess knowledge?

These fora reflect the larger communities from where the members,
Were born, bred, and brainwashed into adulthood to continue the cycle.

A cycle of gullibility, sycophancy, corruption, ineptitude, and nepotism,
Compounded by vicissitudes, variations, and opportunistic vultures.

If social equilibrium is a mirage on an Internet-based class forum,
Social equilibrium will never be achieved in the world of vicious reality.

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