Admistrators with degrees in carpentry can run computer science fora.
Administrators with genetic areademia can run fora discussing books.
Administrators, who are brainless can run intellectual and academic fora.
Administrators, who are intolerant of others’ views can run political fora.
Administrators, who read only headlines can run news and entertainment fora.
Administrators, who forward without reading or understanding can run any fora.
Administrators, who are assholes can run their fora as latrines for CRAP!

Do not join any WhatsApp forum that is undemocratic and has autocratic Administrators.
Do not join any WhatsApp forum where all-knowing, non-reading Administrators run the show.
These incompetent Administrators lower discussions to their level instead of elevating discussions.
These incompetent Administrators delete posts without input from other Administrators or fora members.
These incompetent Administrators deleting posts without discussion, make fora avenues for autocracy and not
Avenues for disseminating, discussing, and robustly exchanging ideas in a convivial atmosphere.
Incompetent Administrators, especially founders are more dangerous to fora than fabricated content.

Meta, owners of WhatsApp has weaponized WhatsApp by having administrators delete posts by fora members without debate.
Posts meant to counter misinformation may be deleted making
WhatsApp more dangerous and not safer, defeating Meta’s intention.
Knowledgeable members may leave fabricated posts unchallenged because of the fear of having their comments deleted.
Unchallenged posts that may impact public health or spread misinformation are unchallenged by fearful members.
Incompetent, ill-informed, narcissistic, and dangerous Administrators give cover to these fabricated posts.
This solution to eliminate fabricated content may elongate the menace of fabricated content!
Before joining any fora, investigate the founder and the Administrators chosen by the founder.

Meta, change the rules: No post can be deleted by an Administrator unless it has been heard, viewed, or read by
Fifty percent of the Administrators in the fora and two Administrators must agree on the deletion.
Meta, if your computers can track when a user farts or burps, your computers
Can make these changes that will enhance and not engender bad behavior on WhatsApp.
One person truncating a viable discussion is as dangerous as propagating fabricated content.
Meta, you can change the rules so no post can be deleted until there has been two comments by two different members on the post.
Come on, Meta, your computers can do it, what are you waiting for?


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