Abdomens bulging, briefcases bulging.
Are these women going to the delivery ward,
Or men about to be delivered of a burden?
They are pregnant men with bulging briefcases.

Politicians impregnated with corrupt money,
Delivering bait money, and empty promises,
To the gullible, compromised, and disenfranchised.
Sell your vote, sell your future and conscience.

Political campaigns in Africa are auction events.
Highest bidder wins over the electorate,
Politicians over-recoup their expenses while in office,
Until the next auctioneering, sorry campaign season.

Meanwhile, the darkness, hunger, disease,
Poverty, and dearth of infrastructure continues,
Unabated and unrelenting as compromised,
Voters, dare not challenge their benefactors.

Benefits expended in four days in exchange,
For four years of unremitting hardship and penury.
Will the African voter reject political bribery?
Don’t bet against the sun rising tomorrow!

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