Knowledge has no cutoff marks (points). A bachelor’s degree in New York is not equivalent to a High School Diploma (Certificate) in London. Welcome to Nigeria. Constitutionally an Arabic School Certificate in the Sharia State of Zamfara is equivalent to a doctoral degree in the secular Anambra State. It is called Federal Character where the doubly blind lead the doubly clear sighted.

According to AIT News, “Reports show that 222 out of the 300 Directors from Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government MDAs, who sat for the examinations to fill the 20 vacant positions of Federal Permanent Secretaries, have failed. Of the 300 that sat for the examinations on ‘Relevant Public Service and Policy Issues,’ which held at the National Defense College, NDC, Auditorium, Abuja, on Monday, only 78 passed.” All 222 are from Northern Nigeria. 2017/07/27/shocking-222-federal-directors-all-northerners-fail-permanent-secretary-exams-woefully/

This is a continuation of the Ahmadu Bello policy of having unqualified Northerners fill all positions in the Northern, and by extension Nigerian Civil Service. The then regions, sent their best to the Federal Civil Service. President Muhammadu Buhari cannot produce his high school diploma, an act that disqualifies him from the presidency.

These undeserving Directors should be demoted to clerks and their excess remuneration refunded to the government with interest. Do not be surprised if President Buhari appoints the failed Directors, super permanent secretaries by fiat. This would be appropriate if they are permanent secretaries in the Islamic State of Zamfara but not in the Nigerian Civil Service. We must rid the nation of these unqualified appointees. Enough of the nonsense. But what do you expect when the boss has no diploma!

This is a case of the wagon pulling the horse and your journey is ruined before you start the journey. The end result is recession and retrodevelopment. With fake bloated census figures on which revenue allocation and electoral representation are based, the North will not accent to devolution of powers to the states or region. The ant, the Southerners work their butts off while the grasshoppers, the Northerners sit on their butts and reap the rewards of the ants’ enterprise. The only solution is a breakup of the nation. The wagon cannot continue to pull the horse. If the Northerners are too intelligent and superior to the Southerners, then they should survive and prosper on their own. With oil in the Republic of Niger, there must be oil in the Lake Chad Basin.

The celebration of the end of inflated census figures, nepotism, recession, retrodevelopment, religious and tribal discrimination, and political wickedness is around the corner. Thanks to IPOB, OODUA, SOUTHERN KADUNA ORGANIZATION, NIGER DELTA AVENGERS, and the MIDDLE BELT FORUM.



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