Why do you condone whites hating blacks?
Why don't you prevent whites from lynching blacks?
Why don't you jam the guns of white policemen trying to shoot blacks?
Why do you allow white judges and white prosecutors to unfairly punish blacks?
Why allow whites to burn successful black businesses?
Why must blacks doing similar jobs as whites be underpaid?

Is it fair for blacks to be charged a higher interest rate?
Is it fair for blacks to be segregated in poorly performing school districts?
Is it fair for blacks to be compared to apes?
Is it fair to deny blacks good jobs?
Is it fair to deny blacks affordable, decent housing?
Is it fair for white policemen to target blacks?

Are you going to change the minds of whites?
Are you going to make whites see blacks as humans?
Are you going to administer judgement on earth or,
Are you going to administer judgement in the life after?
Are you going to confine black haters to hell?
Are you going to promise blacks a better life after in heaven?

Africastallestman is waiting for answers.

10 thoughts on “SOME QUESTIONS FOR GOD!

  1. Questions generally suggest that someone needs help, and that’s definitely true in these questions to God. God is wise, mighty and well able to answer all questions put to Him, if the person asking the question is sincere and really seeking to know. God appears to all genuine seekers of His face. Seek Him with all that is you, and you’ll find Him. He won’t let anyone ignore Him or come to Him expecting answers, while busy with other god’s. No, no, no! He doesn’t operate that way, from my own experiences. One must turn to Him without reservations, in order to hear Him, no distractions! He is God, and transcendent!

    1. These are rhetorical questions. It does not imply allegiance to other gods. Given the present scheme of things, one may wonder if God plays favorites. Or do the whites claim God as theirs because God came as a white man?

    2. Apostle Ofodile Kayce,
      With all due respect, your qualitative experience is insufficient test case to go by. While you are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.

      1. Just like Yahweh, God of the Jews, the Igbos have Chineke, even before the invasion of Christianty. Jesus may be “White” (Olive/Tan) but Chineke is not known to be a Whiteman.

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