It started with Gen. Michael Flynn.
Hi General, see what filth the Russians have on Hilary?
Yessir, at your service.
FBI intercepts Flynn’s communications with Russians.
Flynn lies about his contact with Russians to the Vice President,
And Flynn is fired.

Hi Stevie Boy, how can I thank you?
One more favor.
Dig up some dirt on Bob Mueller, the Special Counsel.
Yessir, at your service.
Steve Bannon goes to work,
And generates bogus conflict of interest stories about Bob Mueller.

Here comes hitman Anthony Scaramucci
Hi, Anthony, we need some firings to shore up our numbers.
Yessir, at your service.
Well, denigrate Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Bob Mueller, and Sean Spicer.
Some firings can divert attention,
And shore up our approval rating.

Meanwhile, I will continue excoriating Jeff Sessions,
The man is a wimpy Attorney General.
He is only strong in discriminating against black folks.
I thought that he would stand up to Congress.
He recuses himself ad nauseam.
I’ll soon recuse him from my Cabinet.

Sean Spicer who defended Trump’s lies, resigns,
Reince Priebus who made candidate Trump resigns,
Steve Bannon who strategized Trump’s victory is in limbo.
Bob Mueller, the professional law man continues his Russian meddling probe.
The Republican Congress cannot repeal, replace, or rubbish Obamacare.

Meanwhile the world continues to rotate on itself and revolve around the Sun,
As Trump uses and dumps people.
Does the phrase, “You are fired,” ring a bell?
Soon, the firer may be fired,
And our galaxy may not know the difference!

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