Brutality may not be physical.
Brutality may be transmitted over great distances.
It travels as light and sound.
Wailing sirens, flashing lights, sight of a policeman or police cruiser,
Induces fear in the Black person.

The Black’s heart starts racing and skipping beats.
Memories of Rodney King, Michael Brown, Christian Green, and Philando Castile reappear.
Blood pressure elevates to stroke levels,
Attire is soaked by perspiration,
And stress hormones rise astronomically.

A quiescent blood clot may dislodge,
Resulting in a heart or brain stroke,
And repeated occurrences of the stress,
Leads to a generalized anxiety disorder,
Or chronic elevation of blood pressure,
Contributing to an earlier death of the Black person compared to white peers.

Uneasy is the body that wears a Black hue.
Police anxiety is the new,
Silent killer of Black people.
It pervades all mixed societies,
And God cannot save the Black person,
Because God created the different hues on purpose.


  1. Arm the Jury and attorney involved in a fatal shooting of a black person with this write up.

  2. In all these issues( the bane of blackness,Questions to God and this article) all particularly about the existence and the treatment of the black person in this universe, and God’s neglect of them. I wish that we may see all these calamities from the other angle: that, because, God Himself did not create blacks black,( the bible says Ham, did!, through his cause of one of his sons, for seeing him naked while he was drunk) and therefore, could not recognize them as His creatures, and they as such, fell victims to their lighter skinned whites brothers. But again, we are wont to ask: How could Ham’s cause be so effective, when he is not the creator of human beings? Could God have delegated the power to create his fellow human beings black? (the Canaanites) or even, any complexion? Could all these have happened under God’s Fatherly watch? Could He have later usurped , or rather told Abraham to leave the land of his birth (OZ) and go to the land of the Canaanites and dwell there as his land? If all these biblical Jewish hand and mind strewn stories were true, then, He stated neglecting them from the beginning, consequently, one should not be surprised for current and ongoing rejection and abject divine neglect of the blacks, in this hemisphere, or should we?.

    Again, Tallestman, was not God there and fully alive, when Adolf Hitler, brazenly slaughtered and oven roasted, 6 million Jews?, His very chosen and favored children, over and above all His other creatures? Ham indicated that the descendants of the caused son, shall be just servants to their brethren, and so his brethren enslaved him and his descendants (Canaanites) to this day. If God recognized the blacks (Canaanites) as his creatures as well, why did He gave their land to Abraham, and gave them no alternative portion of the earth at the same time? Black Africans, today, have more than half of African intellectuals and young vibrant adults in Europe , America and other far away places and at the land of their oppressors, without hope of returning home for good, after their wealth and education-seeking sojourns, and as such, are the real HOMELESS of the world, most often, because, of the inhumanity and the abhorrent conditions at home.

    Worst still, the Igbo says: Onye kwe chi ya ekwe ( if you affirm/accept, your God will do the same in accord with your intention) and your troubles will be effectively resolved. However, from the looks of the black man’s human condition as we write, it appears that he has accepted (swallowed hook and sink) , others (Whites) definition of him as inferior, negative, unproductive, more closely related to animals, rather than human animals, (themselves). This utter incomprehensible attitudes of blacks, (not desiring to think about and afraid of discussing their actual condition, reflects indubitably, Descartes’ dictum “I think, therefore I am” Ergo Cogito sum; what makes us human), in the face of their imposed station in this world, from racism to segregation and other “Others” imposed conditions. The 1884-5 Scramble for and partition of Africa in Berlin, by 9 European nations, without the least consultation of those being divided never occurred. The forced removal of more than 12 million men, women and children, from Africa by the whites and their cronies was a lasting history of humanity. The selling of millions blacks to Asians, Arabs, and the Europeans and the Carribian Islands, cannot be forgotten. Africa and darkness are one, and synonymous for the whites , browns and yellows of this world.

    The rejection of and neglect of blackness and treatment of blacks in this world does not appear strange to this writer: Abraham rejected Hagger an Egyptian (black) Woman, and servant mother of Ishmael, the First son of Abraham, was rejected when his wife Sara identified her as the “Other”, the not us. God accordingly made covenant instead with Abraham’s second son ISAAC. Therefore, God Himself rejected the Egyptian woman and her son and they were thrown out of the house, and that act initiated Housing discrimination and segregation, which abounds/obtains as we write. A Southern senator who died at age 100, discriminated against blacks in the south till his death, and at the same time had a 60 something year old black daughter.Thomas Jefferson had 6 children with Sally Hermings while advocating for the removal of Africans (blacks ) from America to either Africa or to the Carribean Islands to remove the what he called “Blot” in our American soil. We can go on and on, regarding this unhealthy history of blacks and blackness in our so called universe. Rousseau, contended that man is born free, but everywhere in chains…maybe, he was specifically referring to Africans, since he wrote during the active trading in African humanity. What can I tell you?, about servant to man and God, and master to non. Thank you so much, sir.

  3. Nze Ozo, please, could you give more light on your meaning above. The Igbo say Onye a turu ilulu kowara ya, illulu aha, ego ejirir luo nne ya furufu. But that is not true, otherwise, there will be no need for education. So, please help us with your assetion. Thanks.

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