Nigerian Pseudo Intellectuals, apt
To compare apples and oranges.
Use untenable examples of unity,
To urge Nigerians to unite, nationally.
Can you really unite people without
A shared Language, Religion, or Food?

Some cite the United Arab Emirates.
Yes, united by Religion and Arabic Race.
What of France and Germany?
France is united by Food and Christianity.
Germany, united by Alcohol and Christianity.
Yes, there are more examples of unity.

China, united by Han Chinese and Communism.
America, united by Liberty and Capitalism.
Britain, united by Enterprise and Hypocrisy.
India, united by Hinduism and anti-Islamism.
Australia, united by Racism and Hatism.
No, nothing unites the 300+ Nigerian Tribes.

Igbos united by Enterprise and Christianity.
Hausa-Fulanis united by Islam and Feudalism.
Yorubas united by Language and Religion.
Nigeria, has no uniting National Philosophy,
No uniting Language, no uniting Religion,
And therefore no basis for National unity.

Created by the cynical and hypocritical
British in 1914 as a political gossamer,
Woven out of disparate cultures and Religion.
Differences that continue to create tension,
In the gossamer that would lead to,
An eventual disintegration by implosion.

Nigeria shall never be united, until
Her Politicians unite, to create a
Uniting National Philosophy or Culture.
Impossible in a nation, where Politicians,
Ascend to power by magnifying, and
Exploiting National differences for selfish purposes.


  1. I shared this article on a forum that I subscribed to, here is a response that I got:

    All these have been made known by an average Nigerian and entire world, the question still remains, what are waiting for, why can’t we go our separate ways?.

    l guess, our patterns, in said “fake Nation” Nigerian, Yoruba & Awusa/Fulani will say “NO”, simple because we’re all untied by “oils and hatred to Igbo Nation”

    1. After oil becomes irrelevant, as the world makes the transition to renewable energy, what next?

      The “Igbo Nation” is not benefiting from “oils” and may be better prepared when the schism becomes a reality.

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