Nigeria has a sick President Buhari,
Who spends most of his
Governing days in foreign hospitals.

Algeria has a sick President Bouteflika,
Who spends most of his
Governing days in foreign hospitals.

Buhari has an unknown Illness,
Which may be fatal, and has
Induced dementia and unsteady gait.

Bouteflika has a known illness,
Brain stroke, which is stable but
Has reduced his capacity to rule.

Buhari is eight six years old.
There are more Nigerians younger
Than nineteen years, than older.

Bouteflika is eighty two years old
There are more Algerians younger
Than twenty eight years, than older.

Nigerians are demonstrating, for
Buhari’s Cabal to continue presiding,
To the extent of rigging elections.

Algerians are demonstrating, for
Bouteflika and his Cabal to resign,
Immediately or face the wrath.

Younger Nigerians happy with
Buhari, who is four years
Older than Bouteflika of Algeria.

Older Algerians unhappy with
Bouteflika, who is four years
Younger than Buhari of Nigeria.

Now, which is a real country?
Country Nigeria vs Country Algeria?
The real country is Algeria. Any questions?

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