First the Europeans discovered Africa.
Now, Africans are discovering Africa.
By stepping out of their “huts,”
To explore their backyards and surroundings.
Africans discovering known discoveries,
Already mapped by satellite imagery.
Are Africans familiar with Google Earth?

Ooni of Ife recently discovered a
Waterfall in Ife, as the Chinese are
Landing on the far side of moon.
Guess this prismatic waterfall, that
Exudes the colors of the rainbow,
Is the only waterfall in the world,
Whose waters refract sunlight?

Ife, the cradle of mankind,
According to Oba Enitan Ogunwusi,
Is discovering a waterfall in her backyard,
As the Chinese discover “creation,”
By landing on the far side of the moon.
If Ife is the cradle of mankind,
Is China the creator of mankind?

When will Africa get serious with
Education, investments, and exploration?
Not with the present leadership.
Africa shall never claim her rightful
Place in the world, until she divorces
Myth from reality, and crass superstition,
From science, exploration, and invention.

Ooni announces discovery of another waterfall in Ife

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