White gunman kills 50 White Muslims,
In White Zealand, and the Earth quits
Revolving for fifty hours, and counting.
Every White and Black media outlet
Chagrined, apologetic, and revulsed,
At loss of White Muslim lives.
Will the world media condemn the
Loss of Black Christian lives?
No, Blacks have no lives

Nigeria, the Black murder capital
Of the world, where Black Islamists,
Slaughter and eviscerate fifty, or more
Sleeping Black Christians daily; burn Christian
Businesses, Churches, and Farms,
Condemned the White on White violence.
Hypocritical, No, standard world ethics,
Is it that Black lives do not matter,
Because Blacks have no lives!

2 thoughts on “BLACKS HAVE NO LIVES!

  1. Blacks have lives that till now appears to have not been recognized, by others…whites in short. If you don’t say I am, nobody will say you are….Africans have not recognized their lives and therefore say they are…that is the reason whites have not said they are…part of the world…Hegel said that they are outside of world history…still asleep.

    1. What will wake Africans from their sleep since white insults have not accomplished the task?

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