The Igbos love tithing.

They pay bribery tithes to get a government contract.

They pay bribery tithes for private contracts.

They pay church tithes to Pentecostal Churches.

They pay importation tithes to the Custom Service.

They pay bribe and security tithes to the Police.

They pay security tithes to the Army.

They pay movement tithes to the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps).

Kidnappers demand ransom tithes from them.

Igbos pay stranger tithes to do business in Nigeria.

Fulani Herdsmen kill Igbos after collecting their cow tithes.

Politicians use Igbo election tithes to get into office.

In fact, the Igbos are very proud of their tithing.

They announce their tithes with fanfare.

They compete to out-tithe each other.

The Igbos will protest if anyone abolishes tithing.

Tithing is the Igbo way of ostentatious display of megalomania.

Less tithing will reduce the cost of goods in Nigeria.

Money spent on tithing could be diverted to economic development.

Because the non-Igbo recipients of the tithes launder their money.

Out of Nigeria, to develop other countries.

Igbos use tithing to develop other parts of Nigeria.

To the detriment of Igbo land.

Igbos wake up, stop tithing and think about developing Igbo land.

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