Nigerians demanded change in 2015 and they got change.
Yes, the noise level has increased tremendously.
A change in noise level is change.

There is more noise from electric generators as power generation plummets.
More noise from Lie Mohammed as he continues to spin fables.
The noise from the EFCC* makes it difficult even for corpses in the cemetery to sleep.
The Army Chief of Staff is making noise.
The Inspector General of Police is making noise.
So is the Navy Chief of Staff.
And the Air Force Chief of Staff.
Is Nigeria back to military rule?

Meanwhile the Commander-in-Chief is on his sick bed farting out orders.
Which are promptly disobeyed by the cabal as noise.
With so much noise, the country is distracted.
And pockets are overflowing with dollars.
Meant for Nigeria’s development.

Are Nigerians and indeed Africans genetically engineered for docility, gullibility, and stupidity?
Nothing gets accomplished in a noisy environment.

*Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

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