When a nation enthrones merit in its DNA,
The nation prospers and every citizen benefits.
Putting round pegs in round holes gets the job done.
Putting square pegs in round holes creates a logjam.
A logjam stunts economic, political, and social growth of nations.
For African Nations to prosper, merit and not
a quota system must guide the educational system
Of all African Nations and States.

Intelligence does not come in quotas.
Knowledge does not come in quotas.
Technology does not come in quotas.
Economic advancement does not come in quotas.
If intelligence, knowledge, technology, and economic growth
Came in quotas, Africa is not getting its quota at the
United Nations where no African Nation is a
Permanent member of the Security Council.

Merit must replace tribe in appointments.
Merit must replace religion in elections.
Merit must replace nepotism in the award of contracts.
Merit must replace religion, nepotism, and tribe in promotions.
Someone chosen for an office on merit will
Eschew tribal, religious, and nepotistic tendencies,
While pursuing the general public good
Because the public good is paramount.

Every segment of society gains
When the national cake is cut along meritorious lines.
But will the African DNA permit Africans
To give merit its due crown and recognition?
Or will African dictators continue to stifle,
Suffocate, and slaughter merit to prolong
Their tenure and prolong the tears of
Their long suffering citizens and visitors.

Arise, African intellectuals, patriots, peasants, and students, and throw the present political overclass overboard!

4 thoughts on “MERIT.

  1. The answer my friend is “blowing in the winds”. Excellent commentary Africastalkestman!! KUDOS.

  2. Professor Okala said it all my brilliant and wise one..” the answer is blowing in the wind” Our problem is genetic!!!

  3. Merit = Remit. Non baked, half baked all remitted into the system and all point to one direction “COLLAPSE”, no wonder the Country is at the very brink of Grand Collapse because the pillars holding the foundation are substandard due to massive remittance of non deserving people at the helms of affairs in this country. Please can anyone answer this question : Can a blind lead a blind?

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