America used to bestride the world as a colossus.
She dropped atomic bombs, napalm bombs, defoliating agents at will on its enemies.
America changed the Gold Standard to the Dollar Standard.
She assassinated or overthrew foreign populist leaders and cozied up to dictators.

America invaded foreign nations and even captured foreign leaders that were tried, convicted, and jailed in America.
America did not need a Security Council Resolution to invade a sovereign state.
American companies ran Banana Republics in South America.

At home, it forbid the mixing of white and black shit by mandating separate bathrooms for Whites and Negroes.
Then came a period of decline as black shit started mixing with white shit.
Schools, housing, and restaurants were desegregated.
Affirmative action replaced discrimination and a black foreign person emerged as the President of America.

Now, we must make America great again.
No more mixing of white and black shit.
The fumes emanating from the mixing of white and black shit poisoned America.
The Chinese benefited as America suffered from a period of civil rights enforcement.
Meanwhile the Chinese were stifling civil rights culminating in a cultural revolution.

The cultural revolution metamorphosed into an industrial revolution.
And the Chinese are threatening to supplant America as a World Superpower.
Schools must be re-segregated, same for housing.
Law and order must be re-established.

A new Attorney General with a history of law and order and suppression of minorities is the first step.
The Supreme Court should reflect great America values that condemns abortion but condones the death penalty (adult abortion).
The days of black folks not giving way to white folks on the sidewalks are over.
If North Korea does not fall in line, America will let Kim Jong-un know that nuclear bombs are meant to be used.

Terrorists watch your back as America may drop MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) on you at any time.
American companies, either you make it in America or you forget making it.
And America will build a wall to make America great again.
China is great today because of the Great Wall of China that kept out foreign influence.
America will be great once again.

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