When an African nation failed to lift the World Cup in 2010, Africastallestman lost all hope in the efficacy of African voodoo. The 2010 World Cup was played in South Africa, an African country. Every African team came with their voodoo doctors. The European teams came with their European voodoo (playbooks).

After all the hullabaloo, matches, and fanfares, the European voodoo prevailed over African voodoo on African soil. What a shame! European voodoo is definitely stronger than African voodoo. The Europeans apply their voodoo quietly without noise or fanfare. Africans wear their voodoo around their necks, under their jerseys, and carved or painted on their bodies. Additionally, the real voodoo or witch doctors are physically present in the stadia, draped in feathers, chalk, blood, and various artifacts to guarantee their teams’ successes. Since these antics did not guarantee African teams success on other continents, maybe the magic of home field will bring success to African teams.

The success proved to be a mirage. While African teams were busy consulting oracles, visiting witch doctors, and killing endangered animals to make fetish objects, European teams were training physically and mentally. European teams applied the voodoo of training, discipline, drive, team selection, compliance with tactics, team effort, analysis of opponents, re-evaluation of team performance after every match for outstanding performance. African players on the European teams discarded their amulets and adopted the European voodoo. Either they complied or they were thrown out of the teams.

Spain, the Netherland, and Germany took first, second, and third places respectively. All are European teams. African teams were nowhere on the podium. Their witch and voodoo doctors disappeared and started making up excuses.

Here are some of African Voodoo Doctors’ excuses:
1. South Africa is not really an African Country. There are more whites in South Africa than in any other African country.
2. South Africa is therefore a White nation.
3. The White South Africans aghast at the demise of Apartheid, used the African voodoo learnt from Africans against African teams.
4. African teams never fully paid for our services. We warned them to pay fully or we would withhold our services.
5. Our voodoo worked, but nonpayment of team bonuses caused African teams to lose horribly to inferior teams.

A reality check is called for. Africans should train hard, instill discipline in team members, pay team bonuses, select team members on merit and watch results improve. Nigeria won the Olympic Gold Medal at Atlanta in 1996 with White voodoo – Clemens Westerhof, a Dutch coach. African teams should divert the money paid to witch doctors to the employment of white coaches. A superstitious African such as Sunday Oliseh of Nigeria who resigned as the Nigerian National Men’s Senior Football Coach because of voodoo inflicted on him by his staff will sound a death knell to any African team.

Africastallestman can boldly state that Africa will never achieve its full potentials until it eliminates superstition, or a majority of her inhabitants severely curtails it.

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