The militarized South East of Nigeria has more Fulani soldiers than American soldiers in Afghanistan.
Are South Easterners terrorists? No.
Are South Easterners human bombs used for suicide missions? No.
Are South Easterners Islamic? No.
Why is there a heavy army and police presence in the South East?

The militarization of the South East is meant to intimidate, harass, and extort money from Igbos. Northern security officers “kill” to get a posting to the South East. Igbos are the greatest “tithers” in Nigeria. These security officers leave the South East, retiring as millionaires, if not billionaires.


Bridges on the major highways are favorite locations for these tax collectors disguised as security agents, to perform their nefarious activities. Their illegal search and seize operations create mile-long traffic holdups, that heavily overladen tractors are standing on centuries-old, dilapidated bridges for hours.
Soon there will be reports of bridges collapsing in the South East and killing hundreds of people, mainly Igbos.

The incident will be attributed to God by the Federal Fulani Government of Nigeria (FFGN©️). They are right. When someone controls every facet of your life, including free movement, that person is your god.
Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari is the current Nigerian god until he is replaced by the Supreme Court – from another country – not Nigeria’s puppet Supreme Court that breaks the Ramadan fast with the tyrant.

Any Igbo live lost in a bridge collapse incident in the South East, is attributable to Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari and his FFGN©️. Victims must be adequately and promptly compensated.

“Disaster! Disaster!! Amansea Bridge on old road – Boundary Anambra and Enugu states
The Military and Police check points on Enugu and Anambra end at Amansea is causing terrible hold up along the old Enugu Awka road. The traffic on the road is heavy due to the 20 years dilapidation of Enugu Onitsha Express way which currently, some areas have been converted to corn and cassava farm. When there is holdup caused by Military Check point on Anambra, Police Check point on Enugu side of the Bridge it stretches on top of the bridge at Amansea. On Monday 9th, I was on top of the bridge in my car with articulated vehicles (long tankers laden with fuel) waiting to be cleared on my way to Awka, when a long heavy Leyland trailer laden fuel heading towards Enugu drove unto the bridge. The whole bridge started vibrating, I jumped down from my vehicle not minding the heavy rain until the vehicle crossed. The volume of water in river has increased and the bridge constructed after the civil war in I970 was not constructed to withstand heavy load on it. A great disaster is looming because the bridge may collapse if vehicles continue to stop on it due to security check points on both sides. For safety of Nigerians, I suggest all security check points close to the bridge should be dismantled. There should be no security check point less than 2kilomers to the bridge.
Security men protecting the bridge or others within the Nation should never block the road. They should just sit by the side and ensure free movement on the bridge.
The Ministry of works should commence urgent structural test on the bridge and also ensure that pot holes close to the bridge that also contribute to the hold up onto of the bridge are repaired. I did a program on NTA Enugu on Security on 15th and I clearly expressed my opinion. Fellow Nigerians please, Circulate in all Social media to save lives.
From Ret Commissioner of Police Aghanya Ibezimako”

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