Is something wrong with this picture of civilization?

Some aliens land on your shores, guns blazing, you run for cover. They take over your land, build alien structures and bar you the original landowner from using those structures. They build inferior alien structures for you. They start exploiting all the resources in your land, sometimes denying you citizenship of the new alien country built on your land. You protest. The aliens whip you, jail you or execute you. They deny you the right to vote.

Sometimes they fence you in infertile areas of your land, keeping the best lands for themselves. The aliens rape your women and jail you if you look at an alien woman.

They destroy your shrines, build alien shrines, and forcibly convert you to an alien religion. You are forbidden from using your native names. Alien names are forcibly imposed on you. Any protest by you is violently suppressed.

The aliens then claim to have brought civilization mixed with an alien religion to you. A civilization that you are excluded from enjoying.

Now what did the aliens bring to you:

1. Civilization
2. Man’s inhumanity to man
3. Wickedness
4. Discrimination
5. Greed
6. Deceit
7. Brutality
8. Hate
9. Humiliation or
10. Slow death

What is your answer(s)?

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