When intrepid Europeans braved the Atlantic Ocean, gales and storms,
To discover Africa that was in existence before Europe,
They were hailed as Explorers and Discoverers of Africa.

When intrepid Africans braved the Sahara Desert, Arab Slave Traders and the Mediterranean Sea,
To discover Europe and inquire about their brethren stolen as Slaves,
They are condemned as Economic Migrants and Refugees.

Maybe Cecil Rhodes, Mungo Park, Henry Morton Stanley, and David Livingstone were Economic Migrants?
If not, what were they looking for in Africa, the “Dark Continent?”
That was pillaged to develop Europe, The Americas, and The Caribbean.

European Explorers entered Africa illegally, without visas.
It is payback time as African Explorers enter Europe without visas.
After all, we are all Explorers.

The Europeans and Arabs were exploring Africa for slaves, resources, and riches.
Africans are exploring Europe and America in search of long lost relatives.
Exploration can go either way, North to South (Europeans) and South to North (Africans).


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