The Nigerian Police revels in extrajudicial murders. Therefore, it is unsurprising to see fully uniformed policemen at public lynching festivals. If the police can get away with jungle injustice, why not the public. Since it is legal for the public to kill suspects, it is super legal for the police to kill suspects. Police execution of the Boko Haram founder only intensified their violent attacks. Both the police and the public kill suspects to suppress evidence.

Recently, a 7-year-old boy was killed in Lagos for stealing garri (food). An investigation will reveal that his handler was amongst those that killed him. Questioning this 7-year-old boy will have exposed the handler. The child needed food, not death. The police are meant to protect lives, not extinguish lives.

Africastallestman’s proposal:

1. Any lynching occurring in the jurisdiction of a divisional police officer results in a mandatory 10 % drop in the monthly salary of the divisional police officer. These salary cuts are cumulative. Ten lynchings in one month mean no pay.
2. The state’s police commissioner’s salary drops by 5%. This is also cumulative.
3. If the culprits are found, charged to court, and convicted, the salary cuts are restored and the forfeited salaries are refunded to the affected officers in addition to a predetermined interest payment.

Implement these measures and lynching will become history. The perpetrators are on video across social media. The animals who engage in this inhuman behavior are more deplorable than the un-convicted victims of the criminal acts, that they claim to avenge. I hope that the Nigerian Government is listening. If the Government condones lynching, an extension to the looters of public funds is in order.

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