1. Compromise:

If you need two nails to nail the coffin shut and you get one nail by compromising, you are surely going to be haunted by the ghost. With the coffin half open, the ghost will exit the coffin very easily and haunt you for the rest of your life.

President Obama gave American half the health insurance that they desired.
Under Obamacare, only the poor and the very rich have health insurance. The
The majority of Americans who are in between these two poles have to pay very
high premiums that would bankrupt them.

The President should have gone for a single payer system when the Democrats
were in control. There will be initial anger that will quickly dissipate when
Americans realize that the rest of the “civilized” world that adopted this system
is not stupid. After all, America did not invent modern medicine. With a satisfied populace, he would have a legacy that would not be overturned by Republicans.

By the time he is up for reelection, the groundswell of popular support will override
any negative campaign by the corporate losers under the new system. Instead,
he compromised and delivered a monster – Obamacare. Obamacare will be
confined to the dustbin of history by President Donald Trump and President
Barack Obama will have no legacy.

2. Political Appointments:

Obama’s appointment of Republicans into his administration only served to give
his political adversaries a unique opportunity to unravel the Democratic strategy
of governance under an Obama administration. There is nothing like a good
Republican in a Democratic Administration as FBI Director, James Comey
reminded Americans, when he helped derail the Hillary Clinton presidency acting as an
official “impartial” law officer.

President Obama also hurt Secretary Hillary Clinton by exonerating Comey of any political malfeasance. This is the height of political naivety by a two-term president. The President remaining neutral or subtlety condemning Mr. Comey’s interference would have helped Secretary Hillary Clinton.

A Reagan or Bush Administration will have demanded his immediate resignation if he made such pronouncements, that will negatively impact a Republican Presidential Candidate. A Nixon Administration will prosecute James Comedy under the Hatch Act. The Republicans, who control Congress, by failing to call Comey to order is in error. We are seeing the beginnings of intense and vicious partisanship that will hasten the evolvement of viable third parties that will end the present system of political diarchy.
3. Reelection vs. Legacy:

The Republicans led by the extreme leftist, Senator Mitch McConnell never acknowledged the Obama Presidency for the same reasons that Rev. Pat Robertson does not acknowledge the legitimacy of Haiti. Haitians defeated white people to gain their independence and Obama defeated a white candidate to become the President of America. According to Pat Robertson, the Devil aided the Haitians and according to the Republicans, Muslims aided Barack Obama.

Legacies are not ensured by half measures. President Delano Roosevelt did not ensure his legacy by half a new deal. He had to fight the avaricious monopolists who ran roughshod over labor. Now President Obama has no legacy but he got reelected. Africastallestman will choose a one term with legacy to two terms without legacy. To ensure his legacy, he should withdraw his current Republican nominee for the Supreme Court and appoint Eric Holder to fill the vacancy. This recess appointment should be done in December before President Obama leaves office in January 2017.


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