Nigeria’s Federal Constitution, discarded by the military in 1966.

Military ruled with a series of discordant and divisive Decrees till 1979.

Military introduced, a Military Edict christened Constitution in 1999.

1999 Constitution, enthroned Sharia and shifted power and wealth to the Sharia North.

Mass dissatisfaction led to a Constitutional Review that produced a new Constitution in 2014.

Buhari promised to implement the 2014 Constitution, but mothballed the document.

Sham APC review, led by diminutive Alhaji Mallam Nasr el-Rufai shunned by Buhari.

Meanwhile, Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, Boko Haram Terrorists and Associates;

Fulani Polithiefians, and Fulani Bandits continue to pillage, rape, and murder Nigerians.

Mass dissatisfaction and unrest being camouflaged by another Constitutional Review led by

Alhaji “Kill Dead” Lawan Ahmed, the rubber stamp Fulani Nigerian Senate President.

This Review will constitionalize the hitherto unconstitutional Fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria.

Any Polithiefian, who participates in this constitutional charade is nothing but a Polithiefian!

Nigeria needs a Constituent Assembly and a brand new Federal Constitution, call it Restructuring.

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