In his famous postelection  97%/5 % speech in the United States of America, Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari promised a paltry 5% of Federal investment to the South East because he scored 5% votes in the South East!

Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari in reality delivered a 0% Federal investment into the South East; 0% Federal appointments in the South East, and a 100% security cordon in the South East. Allocations, only possible in a non-country.

Educated, unemployed, dejected, and restless Igbo Youths, are harassed, extorted, and summarily executed by Fulani-led Federal Army and Police in their own homeland on pretext, of being IPOB members. An IPOB created by Igbo Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.

Meanwhile, Boko Haram and Associates, Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, and Fulani Bandits are beheading, raping, maiming, kidnapping, converting to Islam and forcefully marrying Northern Nigerians, without any security cordon or condemnation by Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari.

These misanthropes, misfits, and murderers roam the Northern Nigerian landscape without any security cordon, but a convoy of Alhajis, Sheiks, and Mallams negotiating and distributing ransom from the 100% to Terrorists, while their victims languish in IDPs.

The only way out for Igbo Youths is death by hunger or death by extrajudicial execution by an army of occupation. An Army occupying Igbo land since 1970, pacifying Igbos for eventual Ruganization, Islamization, and Emiratization by Foreign Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen as foreseen by Alhaji Othman Dan Fodio!

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