1. God created us naked, we clothed ourselves.
2. God did not give us wings, we created wings – airplanes – and started flying.
3. God did not want us to live underwater, we created submarines and started living underwater.
4. God hid crude oil under the ground, but we dug up the crude oil and created global warming.
5. God did not want us to visit other planets, we created spacecrafts to visit other planets.
6. God did not want racism and hatism, we became Racists and Hatists.
7. God did not want us to kill in God’s name, but we started killing in God’s name.
8. God did not want Black people enslaved, but we enslaved Black people.
9. God did not want Black people executed by Police, but Police are executing Black People.
10. God did not want God’s image depicted as White, but we depict God as White.

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