Nigerian Fulanis demand Domination, not Cooperation.
Domination of the Nigerian Civil Service
Domination of the Nigerian Judiciary
Domination of the Nigerian Security Services
Domination of Nigerian Food Staples
Domination of Nigerian Commodities
Domination of the Nigerian Oil Sector
Domination of Nigerian Politics.

Nigerian Fulanis demand Trampling, not Talking.
Trampling Nigerian Farms and Crops
Trampling Civil Rights of Nigerians
Trampling Religious Rights of Nigerians
Trampling Nigerians with Cows
Trampling Nigerian Critics of Fulanis and
Trampling Nigerian Citizens to Death.

Fulanis, you cannot outgun, outhustle;
Outmaneuver, and outmuscle non-Fulani Nigerians forever.
The New Nigeria may not forget
Fulani Atrocities.
Fulanis change your ways to guarantee
Your future or kiss your future good bye.
Do not mistake tolerance and patience by
Nigerians as cowardice and acquiescence.
“A word is not enough for the fool.”

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