Hitler’s Storm Troopers were not attired in uniforms bearing Hitler’s images. Stalin and Lenin never enforced a uniform dress code for comrades but Mao Zedong did. African Dictators, dictate mode of dressing for their sycophants and running dogs. Africa is fast becoming a continent of uniform Dictatorships.

Why do Africans wear their subservience on their sleeves?
Africans are genetically programmed to be Dictators and accept Dictatorships as leadership. Well, Africans are not alone, their genetic cousins in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia also adore Dictatorships.

Is Dictatorship with zombies in uniforms emblazoned with images of Dictators better or worse than Dictatorships where zombies are dressed in everyday wear without dictatorial uniforms? Dictatorship is Dictatorship, uniformed or not!

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