Britain, the great Amalgamator,
Amalgamated Islam and Christianity
In Africa, Asia, and elsewhere.

Amalgamated Traditional and
Foreign Religions all over the globe.

Amalgamated disparate tribes
Numbering in hundreds
Into single disunited nations.

Britain, the great Dis-Amalgamator,
Dis-amalgamated Ireland into
The Republic of Ireland and
The Enclave of Northern Ireland;

To preserve the Protestant Henry VIII
Lifestyle of English Immigrants, over
The Catholic St. Patrick lifestyle of
The Indigenous Irish people.

Britain, the great Dis-Amalgamator,
Bolted the European Union, the greatest
Amalgamating Union in the World to
Pursue an insular policy in competition
With Brussels and the European Union.

What then is Britain, an Amalgamator,
A Dis-Amalgamator, or a Hypocrite,
That only cares about Britain?

The answer is a Hypocritical Nation
Whose shenanigans has kept the
World in constant strifes, turmoil, and
Shooting wars with human casualties.

British Policy is based on benefits to
Britain, and not benefits to humanity.

The deceit shall soon end with the
Dis-Amalgamation of Britain and Union of Ireland.

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