Government of Thieves by Thieves for Thieves.
The Thieves on the outside of Government are praying, fasting, sowing, and tithing to get inside.

Everyone is a Thief.
Thieves are in Government.
Thieves are outside Government.

Thieves not in Government learn from
Thieves already in Government.

These new Thieves steal at higher rates than
The Thieves they replaced in Government.
Thievocracy may be genetic.

Thievocracy is the number one cause of world poverty.
Thievocratic Governments exist mainly in
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and South America.

4 thoughts on “THIEVOCRACY©️

  1. What’s the point in asking about Africa’s leadership ideology. It’s not like to eat until the belly is down in the grave no but to let the.monkey work while the baboon is in control. But we not a frontier like kanu in power.

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