Britain left a legacy of mayhem, murder, and mismanagement in its former Colonies and Dominions by merging disparate peoples into one country to facilitate British exploitation. This dastardly practice was repeated in several countries on all continents except Antarctica.

Here are some examples of the postcolonial mayhem orchestrated by British Colonialism:

USA – Mass Killings, Racism, Slavery, and Hatism.
Myanmar – Coups, Genocide, and Mass Killings.
Sri Lanka – Mass Killings, War, and Genocide.
Nigeria – Coups, Genocide, War, Terrorism, and Mass Killings.
India – Hindu-Muslim Carnage, Wars, and Terrorism
Australia – Genocide, Racism and Hatism.
Canada – Aboriginocide.

Caribbean- Slavery, Poverty, and Racism.
Uganda – Coups, Dictatorship, and Murders.
Tanzania – Dictatorship and Murders.
Sierra Leone – Wars and Mass Killings.
Cameroon – Genocide, Mass Killings, and Dictatorship.
Egypt – Coups, Mass Killings, and Dictatorship.
Sudan – Coups, War, Mass Killings, and Dictatorship.
Pakistan  – Coups, Terrorism, War, Mass Killings, and Dictatorship.
Iraq – Dictatorship, War, Mass Killings, and Terrorism.
Afghanistan – War, Terrorism, Executions, and Mass Killings.
Zimbabwe – Dictatorship, and Mass Killings.
South Africa – Apartheid, War, and Mass Killings.
Bahrain – Dictatorship, Arrests, and Executions.
Brunei – Dictatorship.
Cyprus – War, Mass Killings, and Division.
Gambia – Coups, Dictatorship, and Executions.
Ghana – Coups.
Israel – Wars.
Jordan – Dictatorship and Wars.
Kuwait – Dictatorship and War.
Libya – Dictatorship, Terrorism, Executions, and War.
Oman – Dictatorship.
Palestine – Wars.
Qatar – Dictatorship.
Somaliland – Terrorism, War, and Dictatorship.
UAE – Dictatorship.
Yemen – War, Mass Killings, and Terrorism.
Northern Ireland – Terror, and Sectarian Killings.

Same Britain that “united” disparate peoples to exploit them could not unite with Europeans who share similarities with them.
What a bunch of HYPOCRITES!

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