Crime rates are rising,
Systemic Racism is rising,
Systemic Hatism is rising,
Homelessness is rising,
Joblessness is rising,
Income inequality is rising,
Poverty is rising,
Drug use is rising,
Alcoholism is rising,
Sex trafficking is rising,
Prostitution is rising,
Child labor is rising,
Illiteracy is rising,
Imprisonment is rising, and
Police execution is rising.

Crime rates are falling, as
Systemic Racism is falling,
Systemic Hatism is falling,
Homelessness is falling,
Joblessness is falling,
Income inequality is falling,
Poverty is falling,
Drug use is falling,
Alcoholism is falling,
Sex trafficking is falling,
Prostitution is falling,
Child labor is falling,
Illiteracy is falling,
Imprisonment is falling, and
Police execution is falling.

You fight crime by investing
In human equality, by investing
In affordable housing, by investing
In job creation, by investing
In equitable income distribution, by investing
In welfare programs, by investing
In drug decriminalization, by investing
In alcohol rehabilitation, by investing
In sex education, by investing
In family programs, by investing
In child education, by investing
In free education, by investing
In alternate sentencing, by investing
In the community, and by investing in humane policing.

When the above are done, crime rates shall fall precipitously.

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