Tenets of any Religion same as
tenets of any Conspiracy Theory.
Arch Religionists sure to become
Arch Conspiracy Theorists and QAnoners,
Because both are based on faith,
Faith in Trump and faith in God.

Religionists believe in an unseen God,
Believe in Prophets teleporting from cities to cities,
Believe in immaculate conception,
Believe in resurrection of dead persons, and
Believe in the afterlife with rich rewards for the faithful.

That QAnoners belief in a Pathological Liar, sent
By an unseen Almighty God, to
Dispatch unseen cannibalistic
Pedophiles, trafficking young children, for sex and food;
Aligns with the tenets of Religion, one of which is a
Conspiracy to kill Jesus Christ, the son of God.

If all the different humanly invented Religions can thrive
In the modern scientific world,
QAnon is also a human Religion based on faith,
Faith in conspiracy theories and faith in a Pathological Liar, Trump sent by God to liberate humanity.
Now, it all begins to make sense.

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