Used to be in so-called third world but now is found amongst first, second, and third worlds.

1. President or Strong Man can violate the Constitution and a rubber stamp Supreme Court backs the President.
2. Presidents of Banana Republics can overrule the Supreme Court and Legislature.
3. Presidents of Banana Republics are in bromance with Presidents of other Banana Republics.
4. Presidents of Banana Republics are above the law.
5. One Legislator in a Banana Republic with the support of the President can block or pass any legislation.
5. The President controls the Legislature of Banana Republics.
6. The President controls the Judiciary of Banana Republics.
7. Presidents of Banana Republics do not trust the press but trust social media!
8. Presidents of Banana Republics pass laws using social media.
8. Religion is intertwined with Politics in Banana Republics.
9. Banana Republics in the first world do not grow bananas.
10. Banana Republics in the second and third worlds grow bananas.
11. Banana Republics do not cooperate with International Agencies.
12. Banana Republics are xenophobic.
13. Police brutality and police homicides are standard practice in Banana Republics.
14. Racial discrimination, systemic hatism, and systemic racism are standard in Banana Republics.
15. Police in Banana Republics execute Minorities.
16. Presidents of Banana Republics use the Army as Police.
17. Opponents are poisoned in Banana Republics.
18. The press and opposition are hounded, harassed, and hushed in Banana Republics.
19. Elections are always rigged or suspicious in Banana Republics when the Banana President loses.
20. Presidents of Banana Republics run their countries as family businesses.
21. Finally, Presidents of Banana Republics label truth as fake news and fabrications as gospel truth.

Is your Country a Banana Republic?

Eleven out of 21 characteristics qualify your country as a Banana Republic.

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